Which Betting Prediction Site Is The Best? Top 3

Sports prediction is a great way to make some extra money, but which betting prediction site is the best?

My absolute favorite betting prediction site is ZCode System and has been so for a long time. Although I have tried a few. While ZCode offers a great underlying algorithm, other sites give you better reports and have a better design on their website.

Betting prediction should not be about website design, but a nice website does make it easier to navigate and understand. Therefore Betting Gods take a solid second place, while Profit Maximiser is number 3.

Profit Maximiser comes with a lot of benefits and also teaches the user to become better at betting. I learned some interesting techniques on the service, but I’m still using the ZCode System.

However, the others are a bit cheaper, so it’s worth it to try them out, for some time at least.

Best Betting Prediction Sites

ZCode System

ZCode is by far one of the most praised betting prediction sites in newer times. They prove consistent profits for their subscribers, with their advanced algorithms made to beat the bookmakers.

One major downside for the average user of ZCode is the price. The normal price for the ZCode system is $499 a month. Although I have some good news for you.

I have found a discount that gives you a cheap trial period, and afterward, you only pay $50 month. That’s a discount of 90% + a trial period for only $7, which you can’t find elsewhere.

You can have a closer look at that discount here:

You probably already know ZCode System, or maybe you are already one of their 15,000+ likes on Facebook. If you don’t already know about the ZCode System, then you can read more about it, and how it works, in this article I have written about the software.

Betting Gods

Betting Gods is one of the biggest betting prediction software and communities in the world. They have more than 100,000 members with an excellent score on trust sites.

They were founded in 2014 and have already seen great success. Their many positive reviews are there for a reason. They help members by giving amazing picks.

The company themselves gets consistent profits from the software, and so does the user. In fact, you get a full report of your betting activities, so you can have a better overview and thus better results.

It’s most likely also the most modern website. A software as ZCode System does has a great algorithm behind, but the site itself is a bit dated. Betting Gods, on the other hand, have a beautiful site that enables you to understand your betting activities better.

Betting Gods Cost

Betting Gods offers many different services. It’s made so that you pick the sport you are most interested in and then you get expert betting advice from the best in that area. However, these are the normal prices.

You can get the 7 first days for only £ 1 and afterward it’s £29, which equals $1.25 for the first days and then $36 a month.

The football betting expert is one example. He has an average return of 11%, which is quite a lot. I have tried buying some stocks in my time and let me tell you this… I have made more from expert betters.

Simply because it’s hard to find returns as high as this in anything. At least not without insane risks.

Maybe you don’t want to buy anything at first, and that’s fine. In fact, you can get some free picks from the site, with no hidden costs.

See more about Betting God’s free picks and the service here.

Is Betting Gods Legit

Betting Gods is very open about their results. You choose an expert you want to follow, and you see their exact returns. This includes if the expert has lost something. Although they always have a fairly good return, otherwise they find a better one.

It’s also one of the few betting predictors with so many positive reviews and members. After all, they have 100,000 members, and overweight of positive reviews.

So yes, Betting Gods is definitely legit.

Profit Maximiser

Profit Maximiser is a great way to get winnings picks, but also learn how to pick yourself. Why is that? The founder of the company has made a series of videos that explain the secretes about the betting prediction software.

That’s pretty awesome as most software only shows you what to bet, and even takes a cut. Not Profit Miximiser. A membership here teaches you how to become an expert yourself, and it’s also free from any fees.

Meaning you don’t have to give the software a cut of your profits. You get to keep everything yourself.

Profit Maximiser Advantages

  • Cheaper than the competition
  • Personal training videos
  • Bonus E-mails
  • Teaches you to become the expert
  • 0% commission
  • 30 day money back grantee

These are just some of the things to get from the software. You can click the button to read more, but first… What does Profit Maximiser cost?

What Does Profit Maximiser Cost

Profit Maximiser costs £97for a whole year, making it one of the cheapest betting predictor software. Granted, you may not want to spend 97 pounds on something you haven’t tried.

That’s why Profit Maximiser offers a 14 days trial period for only £1, which is around $1.3. See more below.

How Are Sports Betting Odds Calculated

Sports bookmakers calculate their odds the exact same way as sports prediction software does. It’s a question of which team is better in terms of their stats and likelihood to win.

This sort of stuff can be calculated in many different ways. The teams have a statistical chance of winning, determined by their performance in the current, or last year.

And also the players have statistics, which can change from day-to-day. Let’s say one player gets an injury, but still plays the next day. Well, then that player is less likely to perform well; thus, the odds of the entire team is up.

On the other hand, if a player did exceptionally well the day before, then bookmakers may see this as an indication of great performance in the next game. It’s actually as simple as that.

How Do Sports Prediction Work

Sports prediction is sort of a competition between bookmakers and players. The bookmakers want to make money in the long run, from many players over time. The same is true for sports prediction software, but not the common players.

Normal betters want to win big, a few times, for whatever reasons. Some do it because it adds something to the game, and others want to see big winnings, but they don’t think ahead. Thus the bookmakers win in the long run.

Sports prediction software, on the other hand, aims to win in the long run by exploiting obvious gaps in betting. So what are some of these gaps in sports betting?

What Affects Odds

Odds reflect the potential winnings, but also the chance of winning/losing. However, the odds are not always on point as to who has the highest chance of winning.

That’s because normal betters will put their money on who they believe in, either their favorites or a gut feeling. Both are fine for the casual player, but it does not yield return in the long run.

Bookmakers know this, so they actually set the odds after this. They may now that there’s a high chance of a team winning, but they will give it higher odds if everybody picks the other team.

It’s simple mathematics, so how to sports prediction software exploit the bookmakers?

Exploit Bookmakers

Betting prediction software is made to fill these gaps. Bookmakers don’t need to set the odds exactly after who wins, they just need to make money statistically from many players.

Meaning they don’t want to take too big chances. However, betting prediction software shows you which matches have high odds compared to the chance of winning. In this way, they can win over time because they exploit gaps, that the bookmakers ignore.

How Accurate Are Sports Predictions

Sports prediction software is accurate in the sense that you win over time. It may not be that you win every time, but the predictions show you where you are likely to win, but also have a high return.

So they are not accurate because they win every time, but because you have a return over time. You may lose a bit here and there, but if you follow their suggestions, you make money.

Let’s say you invest $1000 every month for half a year. You win some you lose some, but you may earn 20% on average. So here’s how it looks if you did that 1 time a month for half a year, and put your winnings into the next games.

1. Month$1000$200
2. Month$1200$240
3. Month$1720.8$280.8
4. Month$2010.6$400.3
5. Month$2410.92$480.3
6. Month$3380.6$670.8

That’s a profit of $3051.4 over half a year. + Your initial $1000.

This is an example if you bet only $1000 a month. You could bet more, and you could bet less, although it does show how much an increase of 20% per bet can give you.

What Are Odds In Sports

Odds can mean a few things, but only one thing in terms of betting and sports. Odds is the amount staked at both teams or outcomes, which is determined by the likelihood of the teams to win.

In fact, it doesn’t have to be a team. It’s merely the amount staked between two outcomes, which is described as two numbers. The higher the odds, the higher the winnings, while lower odds mean a bigger chance of winning, but fewer winnings.

It actually seems to be the wrong around, as many believe high odds to be good. That’s true, but it also means a smaller chance of winning. See the example below.

Difference Between High And Low Odds

  • High Odds: Unlikely to win / big winnings
  • Low Odds: Likely to win / smaller winnings

So you want low odds if you are a secure better. Meaning you want to win a little at a time, but consistently over time. The more risk-taking folks may win much less, but when they win, they win big.

An example of large odds is 20 – 1.03. It’s made so that you win 20 times your bet if you bet on the team that has high odds. (20). While the one would low odds would only get a 3% return.

Although the low odds are MUCH more likely to win.


So which betting prediction site is best in my book? I personally think that the ZCode System keeps offering me what I need in a betting prediction software.

I get consistent profits even though I’m not putting that much in. The other sites are great too because you can either learn something or become a part of a great community. It really depends on your preferences in the matter.

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