Cheap vs. Expensive Tennis Rackets

Difference between cheap and expensive tennis rackets

Difference between cheap and expensive tennis rackets

When trying to find the perfect tennis racket you might come across prices that span all the way from $20 and upwards of thousands of dollars. But are the expensive tennis rackets really worth it? Let’s see!

The materials used within expensive tennis opposed to cheap rackets are very high quality such as titanium, graphite, and carbon fibers. This means that expensive tennis rackets are way more durable, weigh less and enable the experienced tennis player to make a more controlled and powerful shot.


Materials used in tennis rackets

One big and obvious difference between the expensive and inexpensive tennis rackets is the materials which the racket is produced from. The less expensive rackets will be produced from alloys, which is a combination of metals or from metal and something other than metal. This is generally considered a cheap product, and it can be hard to know exactly what you get because it mixtures of other elements. Alloy used in tennis rackets tends to be relatively flexible in relation to other materials, but even though flexibly sounds like a sign of quality it’s more likely due to a cheap combination of metals.

The difference between cheap and expensive tennis rackets is mainly that the expensive are produced using what is considered very expensive and highly professional materials. These include graphite, titanium and carbon fiber. These elements can of cause be utilized because of the high retail price. So it should be mentioned that the elements in the racket will be worth something in and of itself. But these materials are pricey for a reason, which includes toughness and light weight. Titanium is one of the toughest elements on earth and will give the experienced player a very controlled grip and great shots, while carbon fibers are extremely light weight compared to its immense durability. It is in fact so durable that super cars are being produced in this material, and it’s safe to safe that a rough material is necessary if you wish to survive a crash in a car like that.

Difference between cheap and expensive tennis rackets

Why should I buy an expensive tennis racket?

So the difference between cheap and expensive tennis rackets are many things. So the one real answer is that it depends on you as a tennis player. The materials used in cheap tennis rackets might actually have a upside to an inexperienced that just wants to play a bit for fun. This is because the material is rather flexible, which means that less energy is transmitted from your racket and into your arm. So if you are a beginner just playing for fun it’s probably not worth your money paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a tennis racket.

It is however very beneficial for the experienced tennis player, or for someone who has the hope of going professional at some point. This is because the more expensive rackets are rougher and will thus make the player able to make more controlled and powerful shots. Playing with an expensive tennis racket will very likely mean it takes longer to master a given technique or such, but if you are playing for the long term it is definitely worth it.

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